Connecting to your Inner Wisdom

Transformation & Empowerment

For Spiritual Healers and those who recognise we are so much more than a physical body.

Mentoring and Spiritual Healing


Trust you have found this space for a reason – because you have. As an enlightened being or one who works to support those who are learning how Divine they really are, you are welcome here. We know that our life experiences, physical pain, emotional trauma, or mental suffering carry messages from the Higher Self to open our consciousness to possibility and a deeper understanding of the life we have created. 

 We are all infinitely deserving of a life of unconditional love and abundance, and are here to move beyond suffering and into joy.

Spiritual Healing and Ascension

Often when we move into the Ascension process and begin to truly understand the light that we are, we risk attracting unhealed energies that seek to prevent our expansion. This can be a turbulent process that interferes with our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. We can resolve all imbalances -entities, disruption from previous lifetimes or energetic points, or false ‘protective’ energies, etc.
When you are ready, I invite you to let me help you find the answers within, to support you to restore balance, and deepen awareness of your Life Purpose. 

We each hold the key to our own wellbeing and expansion. 

Mentoring Healers

As a beginning or experienced healer, thank you for following your Divine life purpose! Occasionally as healers, whether Energy Therapists, Kinesiologists, Reiki Practitioners, Bowen or Massage Therapists, etc, we are the ones who need unconditional support in a sacred space.

Whether addressing limitations raised through the Ascension process or a healer needing a sacred space, I am here to support you.

If you are on the path to enlightenment, healing and working through your traumas or limitations, congratulations for having the courage to ‘do your work’. You will find many supportive articles, stories from others who have transformed their lives, and healing meditations on my publication, Love is Divine.

Hello, I'm Michelle!

I am a spiritual healer/teacher and lightworker, focusing on spiritual awakening and development through releasement, alignment, and energetic attunement to Christ Consciousness. A broad range of life experiences, training in energy therapies (beginning with kinesiology nearly 10 years ago), and guidance from Source has led me here. Over time, I’ve supported many to move beyond trauma, create healthier patterns, and open new pathways, as well as facilitated training programs to support others drawn to become healers. 

Today, I  work with those who have stepped onto the healing path, offering support – practical and energetic as needed – to nurture the healers we need at this time. 

If you are interested in self-healing, you will find many articles, healing meditations and more in my online publication Love is Divine. 

The Benefits of

  • Understand that we are not alone, and we are not here to heal the the world on our own.
  • Obtain support to restore energetic balance to harmonise mind, body and spirit – healers need healers too.
  • Address and resolve psychic attack, hidden contracts, etc, to reclaim your power from every energetic point whether past, present, future, or dimensional.
  • Address and resolve healer wounds from other lifetimes.
  • Clear all limiting energy, blockages, unhelpful beliefs, and sabotage programs.
  • Obtain confidential support to case manage or to debrief.
  • Gain practical assistance to run a successful practice.
  • Further develop understanding of Christ Consciousness and issues of personal ascension while in the physical.
  • Access the wisdom of the Higher Self for clarity, insight and life purpose.
  • Address any other issue that may be limiting your Divine life purpose.

"We are all just walking each other home." Ram Dass

Healers need support too! Whether debriefing, or strengthening energetic resilience and purpose, you hold all the answers you need within. Let’s work together to unravel limitations and strengthen spiritual ‘muscle’ to allow you to fully step into the Divine splendour that is your Soul.

Mentoring Support for
Fellow Practitioners

Michelle now shares her expertise with established and emerging practitioners, offering a range of mentoring opportunities. Work with Michelle to access your innate Divine guidance and obtain practical support to enhance your own practice.

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Spiritual Healing Session

Energetic healing, clearing and reset for those experiencing energetic interference in their path to Ascension consciousness. Work with your Higher Self to resolve the source of imbalance, obtain insights for energetic maintenance, and life purpose.

Energy Healing - Michelle Cowles - Energy Therapies and Holistic Healing

1:1 Mentoring Session

Independent, confidential support for healers to debrief, case manage, clear and reset your energy, nurture the self, and obtain external perspectives as needed.

1-1 Mentorship - Michelle Cowles - Energy Therapies and Holistic Healing

1:1 Mentorship Package for Healers

Support for existing and emerging healers. A confidential space to access insight into your Divine business and direction. Practical and metaphysical guidance is based on individual needs.

Michelle Cowles Services Personal Development

Spiritual and Energy Healing, and associated modalities never seek to diagnose, prescribe, or replace the advice of your Medical Practitioner.

Energy Therapies Part of your care team


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