Connecting to your Inner Wisdom

Sharing my Healing

Some dive right into their healing, but this was not my path. After years of looking outwards, wondering what I did to deserve one road block after another, I was truly on the hamster wheel. Imbalances grew into physical pain and massive overwhelm, with regular doctor’s visits bringing no answers.

Synchronistically, an enlightened kinesiologist mentioned that I could heal my need for perfection and still be motivated to ‘get things done’. 

This was the beginning of transformation as finally I learnt to look inwards and step into my own power. Soon life began to look very different.

After running Lakeside Kinesiology for 6 years, helping others to access their Higher Self, trust their guidance and remember our experiences lead us to our strengths, I am guided to share the message of our Divine selves online. 

‘Doing our work’ isn’t always as easy as it could be, but thank goodness we can.

Let’s work together to create inner harmony and fulfill our Divine purpose.

I believe in us.

With love

Michelle x

sunrise at greenpoint, sunlight, energy
michelle cowles

Behind the Scenes

My Loves

gerard and michelle

He 'gets me'!

My amazing husband, Gerard. He makes this wild ride even better.

belmont nsw

Home Sweet Home

Beautiful Belmont – a slow-paced, friendly community bordered by lake, ocean, and trees.

three little boys

Family x

Our gorgeous grandchildren and the beautiful souls that chose us as parents.

tree and creek landscape


Stepping into the energy of trees makes my soul happy!


The Guided Path

Every day is blessed with guidance – for myself and for others.

beach sunrise


Sand under my feet and the magic of watching the sun awaken the world to another day.

Michelle Cowles

Michelle Cowles

Michelle is a Spiritual Healer, Learner, intuitively guided Quantum Shaman, and Teacher whose qualifications include: Gendai Reiki Ho Master, Kinesiologist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) Practitioner, Crystal Healing Practitioner, EFT/TFT and NLP Therapist, Teacher, and Workplace Trainer.


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