Connecting to your Inner Wisdom

Work at Your Pace


You are a Divine Being having a physical experience.  

Join me as I share years of experience and learnings to guide you to remember your Unlimited Self reclaim your Divine Power. 

Whether beginning or continuing healing, each module in this training package will support you to uncover the deeper learnings behind trauma and symptoms, manage the Egoic mind, address sabotage, and work with the metaphysical to use energy therapy to find inner peace. 

Let’s embark on the journey together, taking time to (re)discover your interconnectedness through energy work, physics, Mother Nature, the non-physical realms, and all energetic points and lifetimes. 



Online Training Package

Access a range of affordable modules for self-healing crafted for those beginning their healing, emerging practitioners, and experienced energy therapists. 

The LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDANCE series contains tried and true tools modified from face-to-face workshops. Each easily accessible module supports you to expand your spiritual and metaphysical awareness and develop your ability to work with energy. 

Clear and concise explanations cut through spiritual jargon to explore the Earthly illusion of drama and suffering, honour your innate Divine wisdom, trust your intuition and develop awareness of your unique purpose in this lifetime.

The LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDANCE Series is for when you are ready to:

  • take control of your life
  • understand the metaphysical/spiritual aspect of the human experience
  • develop or expand energy healing skills


Join me as you step into your power and begin deep, transformative self-healing now.

All in your own Divine timing and from the comfort of your own home.


Module 1: Remembering your Divine Self

Everything your Higher Self wants you to know. 

I spend hours teaching clients the concepts contained in this module.

Clear. Concise. Complete.

Save time, save money, and step into your own power from home. 

Packed with information, activities, tools and techniques. 

I look forward to sharing the insights of All that Is with you.

Blessings, Michelle x

One price – no time limits – no gimmicks.


Module 2: Working with Guidance

You did not come into the physical alone. 

Reconnect with your Higher Self, Archangels, Ancestors and others in the spirit realms here to guide you back to your inner knowing.

Filled with tools and techniques to develop your clair-senses and guide your reconnection.

Learn how to move beyond the Ego to listen to their guidance, access their healing, and remember you are infinitely loved and supported.

Blessings, Michelle x


Module 3: Supporting Ascension

Explore Ascension Consciousness through the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensions.

Gain a deeper understanding of healing through mirroring, delve into and resolve Sabotage patterns, move beyond Egoic judgment through Higher Self/Source healing.

Filled with learnings and tool to sustain 5th Dimension Consciousness (Unconditional Love) while living in the 3rd Dimension.


Module 4: Quantum Healing

We all exist in the Quantum and as energetic beings and infinite creators, have the ability to heal, repair and rewrite energy to restore balance to Sacred Geometry.

Explore your ability as an Inner Shaman, working effectively and safely in the Quantum Realms.

You are a creator.



Module 5: The Lightworker &
The Psychopomp

What exactly does it mean to be a Lightworker, or Starseed, or any of the wave of healers on Earth at this time?

Explore the vast ways we are working together at this time, increase your contribution with awareness, and step into your power as Psychopomp, recovering and transmuting ‘lost’ souls.

You are the blessing, Michelle x


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Module 6: Advanced Spiritual Releasement

The power of Love. A no-nonsense advanced guide for practitioners ready to help evolve stubborn unhealed energies seeking to disrupt harmony on Earth.

Using your own Divine power and calling on those here to support Earth, learn to heal non-physical / non-earthbound beings. 

Are you being called?

Blessings, Michelle x