Connecting to your Inner Wisdom

Transformation & Expansion

Step into your Divine Power

Heal, grow, and expand with self-paced learning and a supportive community in this time of transition.

You are a Divine Being in a physical body. Dive in and connect with your Unlimited Self, discover the deeper learnings behind trauma; manage the Egoic mind, heal sabotage and more.  Take time to (re)discover our interconnected energetic selves through physics, Mother Nature, the non-physical realms, and all energetic points and lifetimes. Expand, expand!

Love is Divine

An Online Publication for Spiritual Growth and Expansion

Join Michelle and the Love is Divine online community as we share the awareness of Divine Consciousness, exploring and navigating what it means to be ‘one energy’. Over one hundred articles and meditations to heal, tap into intuition, and raise consciousness as we connect with the Higher Self. Access regular messages from Source, the Ascended Masters, the Angelics, and Galactic energies reminding us of our purpose on Earth at this time. You will find strategies to support evolution from 3D to the 5D experience, with many insights for this blessed time of change.

You are welcome here.

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Online Modules

Access a range of modules for self-healing and emerging practitioners, including Understanding Energy; Inner Guidance;  Ascension; Exploring the  Inner Shaman; and The Lightworker and the Psychopomp. Each module contains a range of activities to expand your spiritual awareness and develop your ability to work with energy.

Guest Speaking & Workshops

An experienced and informative speaker, Michelle shares spiritual awareness and developing self-love through a range of themes based on your group’s needs.

Explore the planning stage between lives and how it impacts this present lifetime, how to access information from past/future lifetimes, a practical introduction to working with guides, how to recognise and change a sabotage pattern, introductory EFT (tapping), crystal therapies, group meditations for self-healing and more. 

Speak with Michelle today to discuss your needs. 

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Reiki Share for Energy Healers

Michelle is an experienced Reiki Master and understands the need for healers to feel part of a healing community. Regular shares are held in Belmont and each is a gather of the like-minded, weaving energy as we heal, rise and release. Contact Michelle or her colleague Penny-Maree of Reiki Sanctuary for further information. 

Find similar support in your local community through Facebook groups, Instgram or by contacting local Reiki Practitioners.

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Looking for an Energy Therapist?

If you are seeking Energy Therapy or QHHT appointments please contact my colleague, Emma Zajac. Owner of Coastline Holistic Healing, Emma is an intuitively guided Spiritual Healer, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level 2 QHHT Practitioner, Reiki and Crystal Healing Practitioner.

“My passion is to allow you the time and space to heal, find your inner balance and feel at peace in life.”