Connecting to your Inner Wisdom

One-to-One Mentorship

One-to-One dedicated Practioner Support
when you need it most.

The world needs you and your gifts

As an emerging practitioner, I needed a ‘sounding board’ – someone who believed in me when I doubted, who offered a confidential space to debrief, helped heal my own sabotages and energetic imbalances, discuss small business matters, and guide me to greater trust in my own knowing. 

This is now my offer to you.


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Michelle Cowles spiritual healer in her office

Work with Me To:

  • Debrief in a confidential space
  • Obtain case management support and insights
  • Discuss practical aspects of small business management
  • Obtain support for growth – business and personal
  • Clear all limiting energy and energetic interference
  • Release blocks and sabotage programs
  • Develop strong self-care strategies, including energy management
  • Strengthen / expand your Divine gifts

Michelle is available for current and emerging practitioners, sharing her expertise and accessing your Divine guidance to develop your successful practice. We are here to help one another to work from our heart centres and move firmly beyond notions of competition. Know that we can choose peace, security, harmony, to work in truth, and share our gifts in joy.

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1:1 Mentorship Package for Healers

Are you ready to step into the powerful Healer you are? Three sessions to clear blocks and limitations, work on strategy, gain insights, follow your gifts and find your unique niche in the Healing world. 

This flexible package offers support to access your Divine wisdom, strengthen energetic resilience, and gain practical support where needed. 

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1:1 Mentorship for Healers

Support for existing and emerging healers. A confidential space to debrief, restore energetic balance, and access insight into your Divine business and direction.

I owe my successful practice and, at stages, energetic wellness to a small group of trusted healers who were there when I needed support. I’m here to offer you the same.

Session Info & Overview

Each session is unique, customised according to the individual practitioner’s needs and wants, and guided by their Higher Self.

Sessions provide a sacred open forum, supporting the practitioner to connect with the Higher Self, obtain spiritual guidance and/or strategies, and refocus on Divine life purpose. This confidential space is also designated for case management and professional development. Use it to counter professional isolation and overwhelm. 

Mentorship is also an opportunity to reset, restore alignment, clarity, and energetic healing as needed. 

To value our own needs as a practitioner is paramount and the basis that allows us to support others. 

By creating space to reflect and explore our gifts we enhance our healing skills, deepen our understanding of the metaphysical aspects of imbalance, and further advance our ascension consciousness. 

This benefits the practitioner and also deepens the capacity to best support clients.

A bespoke session, customised to your needs. 

Who is One-To-One Mentorship Suitable For?

Mentorship is suitable for all energetic practitioners and emerging practitioners – Spiritual healer, mystic, coach, shamanic, kinesiologist, energy therapist, spiritual counsellor etc., working in private practice within the wellness field.