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Join our online community as we share the awareness of Divine Consciousness, exploring and navigating what it means to be ‘one energy’. Over one hundred articles and meditations to heal, tap into intuition, and raise consciousness as we connect with the Higher Self. Articles include regular messages from Source, the Ascended Masters, the Angelics, and Galactic energies reminding us of our purpose on Earth at this time. You will find strategies to support the evolution from 3D to the 5D experience, with insights from past, present and future lifetimes in physical and non-physical form, and more. 

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Strengthen your Auric Layers

Strengthen your
Auric Layers

A healthy auric field is the buffer we need to maintain physical and emotional well-being. Read on for better understanding, strategies to balance and maintain your auric field.


Heart Breathing- A (brief) Meditation for Calm and Clarity

Heart Breathing:
A Meditation for Calm and Clarity

Align heart and mind to reduce brain busy-ness using this brief meditation and create the space for your inner self to present solutions to your problems.


feet on rocks, grounding with michelle cowles

Grounding –
Why it Matters

Mother Earth’s vibration resonates with humans and all creatures on this planet. Her energy offers us healing, calms our energy, and restores energetic balance. Read on to create focus and flow…


Tools for Change

When you are committed to your growth and evolution, discover a range of resources in the Love is Divine, E-Book Library.  These e-books are the precursors to the home-study modules coming soon. Tried and true, they contain information and techniques built on years of successful practice. 

Complete access for the price of a couple of cups of your favorite brew per month.

Working with Energy

Working with Energy –

Essential tips for the energetically sensitive. You’ve got what it takes to manage, protect, and raise your vibration

emotional guidance ebooklet, michelle cowles spiritual healer

Emotions –
Your Guidance System

Learn how to work with your emotions, to understand their purpose and how to unblock trapped emotions.

release sabotage ebooklet, michelle cowles spiritual healer

Moving Beyond

Any negative pattern on repeat is a sabotage. Understanding imbalances and learning how to move beyond them…